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Decent provides fast, cheap, and reliable cross-chain swaps and transactions.

Manage your transactions.

Build API requests, set fee splits, and view transaction analytics, all without code.

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Transaction APIs ->

Decent's APIs & hooks enable developers to build one-click cross-chain swaps into their applications to support any token on any chain's first day.

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Decent Checkout ->

The all-in-one solution for user onboarding. Checkout is an embeddable solution that bundles cross-chain swaps, onramping, and offramping.

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Developer Console ->

Build API requests, set fee splits, and analyze transaction and user data, all without code. Enable cross-chain transactions in your app in minutes!

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UI Library ->

Customizable and ready to ship, Decent's UI components eliminate the headaches of building across chains.

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Why Decent?

Any chain, any token on its first day.


Decent provides market leading chain and token coverage, able to support any chain on its first day. Our cross-chain swaps route through leading decentralized exchanges so that interacting on any chain or app in crypto the same easy, one-click experience, no matter what tokens users have in their wallets.

End-to-end coverage.

Best-in-class UX

Decent provides a web of connectivity at key junctures of users' cross-chain journeys. We bridge fragmented user experiences in four complementary offerings: point of sale, cross-chain swaps, onramping, offramping. All can be integrated into your app in minutes from the same easy to use library.

Seamless fee splits & analytics

Easy management

Decent delivers the most comprehensive package for developers and applications to manage transactions. On top of powerful, easy-to-use APIs, Decent provides all the necessary tooling to simplify implementation, customization, and business operations.

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Prohibition is an open platform for onchain generative art NFTs

“The Box Hooks are a game changer. They enabled our app to go crosschain without having to make any compromises to our UI. No need to calculate the optimal swap/bridge route or fetch users’ token balances for each chain because they just handle it for you. The best part has been our users’ reaction. Can't recommend them enough”
- Thomas Lipari, CTO

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