Expanding Prohibition's addressable market

Prohibition is an open platform for onchain generative art built on the Art Blocks engine and the Arbitrum Layer 2 blockchain. In order to offer the easiest to use experience for onchain artists and collectors, Prohibition set out with the goal to build most frictionless minting experience. Prohibition integrated Decent at the point of sale so collectors could purchase NFTs with any token across chains in their wallet.

Improving the user experience to maximize mints

As more and more blockchains launch, marketplaces and platforms must rise to the challenge of meeting potential users where their point of liquidity lies — a task much easier said than done. Purchasing assets across chains meant users had to bridge and swap their tokens to the destination chain before they buy, a process that required users to find compatible bridging mechanisms that could often take minutes to complete the movement of assets.

By integrating Decent into their point of sale, Prohibition was able tackle the demands of a growing blockchain ecosystem with most seamless onchain checkout experience, allowing collectors to mint generative art on Prohibition with any token, on any chain, in just one click. This means that collectors with DAI on Base, USDC on Optimism, ETH on RARI, etc. can purchase NFTs on Prohibition without needing to bridge and swap first to do so.

By the numbers

In a survey conducted by Decent in 2023, over 80% of users reported that they would leave a transaction if they didn't have the right tokens in order to purchase. With this integration, Prohibition was able to capture users across multiple blockchains and see about 1/3 of transactions convert from across new chains.

Why choose Decent?

  • Drive transaction volume: Applications typically see a 35%+ increase in the number of transactions after installing Decent at the point of sale.
  • Best user experience: End users have maximum optionality and the best product experience with single-click checkout that meets them at their point of liquidity.
  • Maximum customizability: developers can write custom themes for Decent's React components or use our APIs and hooks to build entirely custom interfaces.
  • Contract compatibility: Decent APIs are designed to handle any non-permissioned smart contract function.
  • New chain & token coverage: As more chains and tokens enter the ecosystem, Decent's coverage will automatically extend to support them so apps and platforms never have to worry about cold start problems related to liquidity fragmentation.